Shivali Kataria, Professional Cookery, WITT

Shivali Kataria: belongs to New Delhi,India and now studying Professional Cookery from WIIT New Plymouth New Zealand.

It comes to a lot of thinking when taking your first step towards your future study path. The foremost is choosing the right consultant. After a lot of market research and wandering around I made a choice and chose AES. They offer a free service all the way through the process from deciding the course to applying for a visa to pre-departure seminars to landing in the new country to settling there.

It was very important for me that my qualification was recognised in New Zealand as well as overseas. I chose to study in WITT (Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki) with the help of AES. I am doing a Professional Cookery Course (LEVEL 5) which is in big demand here. This course is preparing me for the employment market.

I love being here, I love the Kiwi lifestyle – the proximity to the beach, the beauty of nature and the ‘no worries’ spirit of the Kiwis is so overwhelming. Exposure to life in a foreign country has broadened my knowledge and taught me to be more independent.I hereby take the opportunity to thank AES for giving me all this..SHIVALI KATARIA