Sashi kumar Singh Thangjam , GDIT, AIS

Sashi kumar Singh Thangjam: belongs to Manipur India and now studying in AIS(NZ) GDIT-Level 7 (Graduate Diploma in Information Technology).

About the course and my experience in New Zealand: Since I am from Non IT background, initially I had a little doubt with this course in the 1st Semester but as I move to 2nd semester I gathered enough momentum or confidence related to IT field. Besides, we have LIVE PROJECT (real project integrated to the Company) in the 3rd semester.

One does not have to be worried about this LIVE PROJECT because we have ample of knowledge gathered during 1st and 2nd semesters about the project. We were taught the stages of SDLC (Software development Life Cycle or Erstwhile Project management). Therefore, we did not face must problem in doing the real project. Regarding the faculties and facilities, I am indebted to teachers because they were available 24×7 for any assistance inside and outside the campus.

No doubt the infrastructure inside the campus is world class. While studying one can earn living expenses, authorities from the institute help also us to prepare CV (Curriculum Vitae) for getting job in New Zealand.

Every international student is to work up to 20 hour per week. During my course I was working in LJS (New Lynn Mall) and that was enough to meet my expenses in Auckland.

Credit goes to Apple Education Service:

I am also indebted to my agent AES. I am here because of AES. My agent always helps me during my studies and after the studies as well.

Advice for new comer students: I would like to advise you to consult AES before coming here because I am fully trusted with my agent. AES is competent and capable you to put in the best institute in any country and specially, New Zealand.