Kamil Khan, MBA, GLYNDWR University,UK

Hi. My name is Kamil Jameel Khan: belongs to New Delhi India. I completed my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Glyndwr University UK. I enjoyed studying in wrexham at Glyndwr University. It was a new experience all together, alone in a different country. I made a lot of new friends and enjoyed a lot during my time at Glyndwr university. Finding a part time job did not take long (thought one really has to put in his efforts to find one) I balanced my time between work and studies and would go out and enjoy the night life with my friends. The best part about Glyndwr university is that 9 months accomodation is provided free to international students thus saving nearly 2000 pounds. All my tutors were friendly and always available to help me and clear my doubts when i had any doubts in my course work. Glyndwr University has all the facilities an international student would expect to have. I liked the location of Wrexham with all big cities like Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham nearby taking less than 2 hours by train. There are also direct trains available to London taking 4 hours. I am happy with the services provided by Apple Education Service and thankful to them for sending me here. They guided me right till i got my Visa. My Advice to upcoming students will be that if you are looking for a good university to study with reasonably priced courses, Glyndwr University is your best bet, and this university is improving all the time. Be careful not to fall into traps by fraud agents and end up in a university or college with no affiliation. You will have to study hard and concentrate on what is been taught in the classes, you will be required to do a lot of self study thought the tutors are always available to help. Good luck to all upcoming students. Kamil Khan