Aman Dusad, Professional Cookery, WITT

Aman Dusad: belongs to Ajmer Rajasthan, India and now studying Professional Cookery from WIIT New Plymouth New Zealand.

Throughout my diverse experiences, AES has been truly helpful, guided and lead me in the right direction. AES is really well-coordinated and provided me with the best customised services by giving me the proper information and advice at no cost.

I had always wanted to work in the kitchen department. The courses offered in New Zealand are very helpful to achieve the skills and practical knowledge one requires to work in the industry. The Proffessional Cookery Course (Level 5) at WITT helps me with more useful knowledge that I need for my future job, especially in the international market. This course is taking me where I want to go.

Life in New Zealand is idyllic. Kiwis have an infectious passion for life that makes university life both challenging and incredibly fun. Let AES guide you and you’ll find yourself in the right place.